About The Founder

Nestor Orji

Nestor Orji is a BSc holder in Economics who also obtained Diploma in Entrepreneurship and various fields of filmmaking in the Entertainment Industry.
He joined the Nollywood Industry right from his University days.

Having started his career earlier in the Film Industry as a Continuity Person and writing music, Nestor was inspired in writing scripts, then proceeded to a Screen Writing master class in 2015 and started working full time at Mountain Top..

From Continuity Person to Script Writer. From Script Writer to Production Manager. From Production Manager to Producer/Executive Producer..And now a Film Director.

He is a Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, Actor, Singer and a Life Coach. His talent and working skills have contributed to the success of many Nigerian movies.

He has passion discovering and projecting dedicated talents which cost him to quit other businesses to concentrate on achieving this goal in the industry.

Today Mountain Top’s First Film “A Better Family” Written and Produced by Nestor Orji is making much impact reuniting young broken homes across Africa and World over through the online views, and also being nominated for different awards. ” Nestor Orji’s A Dance To Forget” is another BlockBuster addressing the issue of Forced Marriage and Rape, and being nominated for awards and getting selected at film festivals.

Nestor has also sang beautiful songs of which Albums will be released soon.

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